…structured process that provides the result – mass selection of line and retail staff, regardless of industry.

Do you need more than five employees for similar vacancies? That`s what we do!
Mass recruitment is a time-consuming process for a whole department.
There are two options for managing this process:
1. Work with an agency – outsourced “recruiting department”;
2. Work with a contractor call-center.
You could choose two in one with us!

Our features


Extensive advertising campaigns


All available searching channels


Call-center Key People– solution in case of recruiting department absence


It`s easy for us to:“Find 70 people in 3 weeks” or “Search 50 people” for yesterday “…

Industry Solution

  • Production

  • Logistics

  • Retail

  • HoReCa

  • Finances

  • Construction and Development

  • Everywhere with seasonal staff


Challenges We Handled

Construction and Development

– Startups;
– A large number of objects are launched every month;
– Only qualified specialists are in demand;
– Employees market exhaustion.


– A complete group of employees for the opening;
– Suffering from employee turnover;
– Unskilled staff at the market;
– Lack of response from the market;
– New offices` opening.


– Staff expansion;
– Strong requirement of a certain experience;
– Employees` retention;
– Competitors attractiveness.


– You need only industry experts;
– Employees have to take exams or tests;
– Labor market exhaustion;
– Competitors attractiveness.

Hotel and Restaurant Business

– Seasonality;
– A lot of candidates without experience;
– A large number of employees at the beginning of the season/opening in a short time;
– Age limitation.